As the political parties

Political signs are that sign which is exhibited by the political party in order to distinguish themselves from another party. As the campaigning is a very big event in itself, lakhs and crores of rupees are spent for the campaigning of the party. While campaigning during poll seasons, campaign signs or campaigning bills become very colourful as the total emphasis is on catching the attention of the voters. With the advent of electronic voting machine, the importance of voting machine has increased to some extent. For example: - in India, congress party`s sign is palm and BJP`s sign is lotus. As there are many political parties in the world today, so in that way, it becomes even more important to have a kind of sign which is very unique in it and also reminds the voters about the party instantly.
As the political parties have a huge tussle in between them in order to be in the government all the time, these signs play a huge role in order to have a mindshare of the party`s backers. Apart from that, the political rallies in which the political leader gives speeches and boasts about the parties great deeds are another great way for campaigning. . While voting, one can see that EVM (Electronic voting machine) device has the political signs related buttons are attached in the machine which people have to press in order to vote for the party they are rooting for. So the political parties tries to create signs which can keep them in the public`s eye and at the same time can easily be recalled.
Apart from these ways of campaigning, they have different campaigning methods. Like, TV campaigning which includes the advertisements in which they show the achievements of party`s activities and works they have done over the years in the public`s welfare.. Party`s sign is one of the trademarks of the belief they have. While campaigning, these parties have these signs printed on the bills and Spring temper furnace Suppliers posters of the party which emphasizes that people should vote on these signs only.